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How to Download ⬇️

Hi Everyone,

We’ve noticed that many of You guys are facing some problems while Downloading Movies, Just because you don’t know “How to Download”. But You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Just watch the Tutorial in which we have guide you step by step on “How to Download” any Movie.

Before we start, we have a Great News for you guys too. We have updated our Website & Downloading Methods. Now all of our Movies are just one click away from you guys, as we have stored all the files on Google Drive in order to provide you with quick access to the files and also to avoid any kind of “File not Found” Error.

We have also started providing “Direct Link Downloads”. If you are using “Direct Link” and it shows any kind of error, it’s because of the Heavy Downloading Load on the Server. Just REFRESH the page (2-3 times) and the issue will resolve automatically.


If you are using “Direct Link”, then you don’t have to login with your Gmail ID. When you click on “Download Now”, the File will start Downloading automatically.

⚠️ Notice: The login procedure is changed for GD-ToT, AppDrive, Sharer.  Follow the steps described in below picture (GIF) to login.


(1). Any file, Which you will Download, will be transferred remotely to your Google Drive first and then it will get Download from your Google Drive. But don’t get confuse as this process will be happening on the backend automatically and you don’t have to do anything.

(2). Google drive account can only be login with your Gmail ID.

(3). After downloading that file, Please delete that file from your Google Drive otherwise it’ll take storage of your Drive unnecessarily, and you will not be able to download future files, if storage limit of Drive (15 GB) is exceeded.

(4). Some Files are in ZIP format. So you may have to unzip them first after Downloading. In order to do that, You can either use “WinRAR” or “7ZIP”. Both of these Software’s are available for both Desktop and Mobile Devices.

(5). If you’ve noticed any Broken or Expired Link, Please do let us know & we’ll update it ASAP.

If you still face any difficulties in Downloading even after the guide, Feel free to reach us out. 🙂